VG Shah

The Scheme

Since last 65 years Shah Virchand Govanji Jewelers has embarked an epitome of standard value and pureness in the golden world of jewellery. We feel blessed and highly motivated by your unending trust and faith in us. We humbly extend our heartfelt gratitude to you and are delighted to introduce the "Suvarna Samruddhi" an enhanced Saving cum Bonus scheme. Let's take a look at the scheme in brief.

The Scheme

Suvarna Samruddhi is a 12 months benefit scheme in which you will have to pay just for 10 months.

The scheme can be joined in by investing Minimum Rs. 2000 and maximum Rs. 10000 (only in denominations of 1000).

At the end of the term along with your invested amount, a bonus of minimum Rs. 1300 to maximum Rs. 6500 will be deposited in your account. You can buy any jevwellery with this amount.

The amount decided is to be invested only for 10 months. The jewellery can be purchased from the 20th of the 11th month till 20th of the 12th month.

Documents to be required for opening Suvarna Samruddhi A/C:

  1. A/C Holder Photo & Nominee Photo
  2. A/C Holder ID Proof & Nominee ID Proof - Pan Card / Adhar Card / Driving Licence
  3. Copy of Bank Details
Instalment Month Total Amount Bonus Amount Final Amount
2000 10 20000 1300 21300
3000 10 30000 1950 31950
4000 10 40000 2600 42600
5000 10 50000 3250 53250
6000 10 60000 3900 63900
7000 10 70000 4550 74550
8000 10 80000 5200 85200
9000 10 90000 5850 95850
10000 10 100000 6500 106500

Benefits of the Scheme

Under this scheme every year, you get the benefit of the bonus and are able to buy the astounding jewellery of VG adding to your wealth.

Since 2002 all varieties of VG jewellery are authenticated by BIS Hallmark.

VG is certified by CRISIL as BBB+ Gujarat's leading retail jewellery company for consecutive 6years.

Certified as ISO 9001-2008 as South Gujarat's First Retail Jeweller since 2010.

"Suvarna Samruddhi" is a well organised scheme of buying jewellery with a regular installments.

Conditions Scheme

  1. The amount to be invested in "Suvarna Samruddhi" Scheme has to be deposited regularly between stand 10th day of every month for 10 months.
  2. Investor has to be above 18 years. Standardised Indian identity proof along with 2 passport size colour photo has to be produced.
  3. The first installment has to be in cash and the remaining can be paid by AT PAR cheques.
  4. Customers will have to give their bank details and will have to inform in case of change in bank.
  5. Under the scheme any gold, diamond studded or polki jewellery can be purchased from any of the VG showrooms in Valsad or Vapi. Bullions are not included in the scheme.
  6. The customer will be solely responsible for any dishonoured cheque and the company will charge Rs. 200 for the same.
  7. In case you want to leave the scheme then a 2% will be deducted from the invested amount as a administrative charge and the remaining will be deposited in your bank account without bonus.
  8. You can appoint a nominee/successor by filling up a simple form.
  9. The investment amount once decided cannot be changed later.
  10. The benefits or returns of this scheme shall not be joint or clubbed with any other scheme of the company.
  11. For any reason if you are not buying any jewellery then your invested amount will be deposited in your bank account without any bonus after 20th day of 12th month.
  12. For any reason if the investor fails to pay the installment within 10th day of any month then Rs. 200 will be deducted from bonus. If the investor fails to pay the installments for three months then all the paid amount will be deposited in the bank account without bonus amount.
  13. If the investor needs to purchase Jewellery before the period of 1 year, then he can purchase only with the deposited amount. The amount of bonus will not be included.
  14. Investor should collect the receipt of each installments, it should be duly registered in the passbook.
  15. In case the passbook is lost, the investor have to inform in the VG office in writing. It is responsibility of the investor only.
  16. Investor bares the responsibility to pay the installments Company will not intimate to pay the installments.
  17. Each installment has to be paid in their respective months, advance payment is not allowed.
  18. The customer will be solely liable for the Tax levied by Gujarat State or Central Government.
  19. VG holds the right and privilege to change the clauses of the scheme without any prior notice. All rights related with the scheme belong to VG only. In case of any misunderstanding or dispute the final decision will be given by VG.
  20. Subject to Valsad Jurisdiction.