VG Shah

SVG Jewels – Shah Virchand Govanji Jewellers Pvt Ltd is one of the most trusted and well-known names in jewellery industry of India. With a rich history and tradition of more than 65 of designing and crafting the most delicate and desirable of silver, gold and diamond studded jewellery, SVG Jewels has a lot more to offer our valued customers than just designer jewellery.

SVG Jewels’ biggest advantage is the long tradition of trust that we have built with you, our precious customers over the last six plus decades in the business. What also sets us apart from our contemporaries is our commitment to crafting the best jewellery, with the highest commitment to quality, at the most affordable prices. When combined with our unwavering focus on putting our customers above our profits has led to SVG Jewels becoming family jewellers to thousands of our customers over the years.

Today, SVG Jewels boasts of customers in every continent around the world. Many of our customers, who are originally from India but have now settled in various countries, still travel to India to buy their jewellery from SVG Jewels for every occasion in their families. This loyalty of our valued customers speaks volumes of the trust and faith we have earned since our inception. For us at SVG Jewels, this trust is our most precious treasure and profit, far more than any earning we have made or can ever make from our business.