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The World of Timeless Art

Soulful Creations of Immortal Beauty

India has been known since times immemorial for its beautiful creations of art – be it the carvings in various temples, or the awe-inspiring jewellery created by the skilled artisans of this ancient land. SVG Jewels prides itself on carrying this tradition forward into the modern age, with our unique blend of artistry, tradition and quality crafted into beautiful creations of Gold, Diamond, Platinum and Silver.

Our Philosophy


Jewellery for us is not simply a product… it is passion. Every design, every creation, every piece is a work of art. It represents our deep commitment to all the beautiful women of the world that we will continue to present them with adornments that enhance their beauty and grace.


Every design from SVG Jewels is a fascinating study in inspiration and thought, and a peek into the surreal world of beauty.

What We Do

We are Master Craftsmen – artists who work not with colours but with Gold, Diamond, Platinum and Silver.

Eternalize Grace

Jewellery designing forms the core of what we do. Every design created by SVG Jewels is a fresh take on the beauty of nature around us.

Redefine Passion

Most jewellers manufacture jewellery. We craft our jewellery. The difference is in the passion we put into every piece that we make.

Create Memories

Our jewellery has been created to do more than just grace the occasion. We make our jewellery to create memories for lifetime.

Stretch Imaginations

We strive to craft jewellery that is beyond anything you have imagined. So the attention to detail in even the smallest of piece is exhaustive.

Exquisite Jewellery

Our range of exquisite jewellery is among the most sought after… both in terms of design and appeal. Uniquely designed to be one of a kind, this finest of jewellery from the house of SVG Jewels is available only to a select few.

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