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Suvarna Shamruddhi scheme

About the Scheme:

  • 'Suvarna Samruddhi' is a 12 monthly profitable scheme where you have to deposit amount for 10th months only.
  • One can join Suvarna Samruddhi scheme by depositing amount ranging from 2000/- to 10,000/- (in multiple of 1000/- only).
  • At the end of the scheme a bonus amount ranging from 1300/- to 6500/- will be credited to your deposited amount.Customers can buy additional jewellery with this amount
  • Stipulated amount has to be deposited for 10 months only.Thereafter,one can purchase jewellery of their choice between 20th date of 11th month and 20th date of 12th month from the time of enrollment.

List of Benefits of 'Suvarna Samruddhi':

  • With 'Suvarna Samruddhi' you can regularly buy VG jewellery every year and let your jewellery asset prosper.Moreover,you can avail the benefit of bonus too.
  • Every ornament manufactured at VG,since 2002, is BIS Hallmark certified.
  • VG holds the proud privilege of being Gujarat's only retailer jewellery company to acquire CRISIL rated BBB+ certification for 6 consecutive years.
  • VG is the first retail jeweller of South Gujarat to obtain ISO 9001-2008 certificate,since 2001.
  • 'Suvarna Samruddhi; means, a systematic plan of buying ornaments on festivals and auspicious occasions.
  • Easy and convenient enrolment option
  • Make monthly payments online right from the comfort of your home
Monthly Scheme Amount Number Of Instalment Total Amount Bonus Amount Final Amount
2,000/- 10 20,000/- 1,300/- 21,300/-
3,000/- 10 30,000/- 1,950/- 31,950/-
4,000/- 10 40,000/- 2,600/- 42,600/-
5,000/- 10 50,000/- 3,250/- 53,250/-
6,000/- 10 60,000/- 3,900/- 63,900/-
7,000/- 10 70,000/- 4,550/- 74,550/-
8,000/- 10 80,000/- 5,200/- 85,200/-
9,000/- 10 90,000/- 5,850/- 95,850/-
10,000/- 10 1,00,000/- 6,500/- 1,06,500/-

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  • Purchases will additionally attract GST
  • This scheme can also be purchased on a standalone basis without membership and gold discount
  • Document required for Opening SUVARNA SAMRUDDHI A/C

Lakshya Labour Plan

40% Discount Labour Plane

  • One can enroll into this scheme with minimum deposit of ₹ 1,000/- (rupees one thousand only).
  • Under this scheme,transaction above 20,000/-(rupees twenty thousand only) will be mandatory done via bank.
  • This schemes is of 10th (ten) months.
  • Under this scheme,40% discount on labour charges will be given as per the amount deposited at the time of maturity.
  • Under this scheme, it is mandatory for the customer(s) to buy jewellery with in 10th months (315) to 11.5 months (334 days),or else,after stipulated time, the amount deposited will be refunded directly to the customer's bank account through NEFT/RTGS.
  • Under this plan,the prevalent rate on the day of purchase will be taken into account.
  • It is mandatory to pay the due instalment between date 1 to 10 of every month.

Shubh Labour Plan

50% Discount Labour Plane

  • This plan can be enrolled with minimum amount of 10 grams.
  • One time deposit of the amount of gold weight is mandatory for this plane.
  • There are two duration options under this plane: 6th month and 10th monthly.you have to inform beforehand about the plan you wish to join.Redemption can be done only after the plan you wish to join.Redemption can be done only after completion of the selection plan.
  • Discount on labour charges will be 30% for 6 months plan & 50% for 10 months plane respectively.
  • Mandatory redemption under 6 months plan will be between 7 to 9 months & under 10 months plan, it will be between 10th month(315 days) to 12th months (before 345 days).Due to any reason if you are not able to take advantage of this scheme during stipulated time then your deposited amount will be refunded to your account through NEFT/RTGS.
  • In case any customer(s) terminating the fix rated scheme, differentiation of prevailing rate will be deducted,increased rate will not be applicable.
  • Additional purchase will incur prevalent rate.
  • Under this plan,customers can buy ornaments (22 carats & real diamond jewellery)but the amount of jewellery carats they want to buy,has to be informed beforehand.
  • Subject to VALSAD jurisdiction.

Terms and Conditions for Scheme

  • For the scheme,submission of identity proof,approved by government of India is mandatory.
  • To join this scheme,the age of the customer(s) must be 18 years or above.
  • One passport size photograph & Identity Card are mandatory to join this scheme.
  • It's mandatory to submit one canceled cheque at the time of enrolment.
  • Once commenced,this scheme can not be closed(terminated)until 3 months.
  • Once decided, the amount of installments can not be changed.
  • It will be the responsibility of the customer to check the correctness of the details registered in the passbook.
  • It's the responsibility of the customer to pay installments on time.the company (VG)will not be responsible or liable to send reminders to its customer for payment of installments.
  • It is mandatory to present the passbook at the time of paying instalment or else no deposit will be accepted.
  • It will be the responsibility of the customer to obtain receipt of the installments paid and to check the same entries being registered in their passbook.
  • It will be the responsibility of the customer to intimate the company (VG) within 7 days from the day of any changes made in name,address,bank details etc.
  • At maturity of this scheme or while buying jewellery,whatsoever laws & taxes levied by the Central Government & State Government shall be borne by the buyers & abide by the same.
  • This scheme is non-transferable to any other branch of ours.
  • Penalty of 100/-(rupees one hundred) will be levied in case of non or late payment of instalment.
  • Processing charge of 300/-(rupees three hundred) will be charged on pre-closure of the scheme.
  • It is mandatory for customers to deposit passbook & receipts of paid installment at maturity,during purchase of jewellery under this scheme.further procedures will be done only after that.
  • In case of loss of passbook and/or instalment receipt,kindly inform our office to block the concerned account.
  • At the time of redemption,the customer has to personally come with original ID proof and passbook.
  • Benefits of other schemes like Birthday,Anniversary,Gift Cards or any other benefits prevalence at the time of maturity of the scheme, will not be applicable/can not be clubbed with this scheme.
  • Silver/24 carat bullion will not be included in any of the schemes.
  • Cash money will not be refunded under any of the schemes.
  • Cash/Credit refund will not be given on partial redemption.
  • All rights are reserved with us (VG). With regards to any misunderstanding or any controversy, the decision of the company(VG) will considered final.The company(VG) holds the right to alter,amend,add or delete part or whole of any rules,regulations terms of conditions of this scheme without giving any prior notice to its customers.
  • Any condition which are explicitly not covered/mentioned,would be the direction of the company (VG) in this regard would be deemed as irrevocable and final.
  • Subject to VALSAD jurisdiction.


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